PyCCX – Python Calculix FEA Library

PyCCX is an opensource Python 3 library for creating and running 3D Finite Element analyses using the opensource Calculix solver and the generation of meshing using GMSH. It is intended to provide a convenient development and prototyping environment in python for creating analyses with 3D CAD (B-REP) representations, which is currently unavailable for Python.

PyCCX is available via Github

PySLM – Python Library for SLM (Additive Manufacturing)

PySLM is an opensource Python 3 library aiming to provide a toolkit and framework for generating the machine build files used in Additive Manfuacturing – specifically commercial SLM/DMLS systems and potentially SLS systems. The library provides full slicing, hatching and support structure generation along with exporting the build-files to machine platforms. It is aims to provide an opensource alternative to tools which are not available for reseach and development, enabling custom algorithm development. A supporting c++ library libSLM used internally for interfacing with commercial SLM/DMLS machine files and includes Python bindings.


PyOCL – Python OpenCL Helper

Provides convenience methods and boiler-plate code for interacting and setting up the OpenCL compute environment based on the capabilities provided by PyOpenCL. This is to aid setting up simulations for use in development and prototyping. Common routines and flags are enabled for convenience to improve productivity and provide a consistent environment to develop in.

PyOCL is available via Github