Luktug Ltd

Luktug offers consultancy services and custom software development activities related to computational-design and modelling for L-PBF in conjunction that build upon both PySLM and libSLM and PyCCX. We maintain an ethos for promoting open-source software design and usage for the benefit of everyone. However we understand that commercial and industrial users often require bespoke and personalised features for them to achieve their goals. We provide bespoke commercial software development and its support to companies to build their confidence using software developed in their engineering workflows and products and achieve their goals.


We can provide short-term consultancy research projects to cover bespoke integration or development of specific features using PySLM and other Opensource code for industrial users. Types of work that are carried out includ:

  • Algorithm development
  • Bespoke Feature development
  • Software tool / user interface guidance,
  • Maintenance and long-term support .

Additionally, we provide specialist long-term maintenance support to cover the use and support customers integrating PySLM as part of their software tools / engineering workflows and their end-user products. We understand that confidentiality and ownership of IP is important to our customers and these are considered as part of projects.

For queries please get in touch: contact (at)

*Note: Scientific services and research related to Additive Manufacturing process (e.g. material development) will be referred to the University of Nottingham

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